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Technical Anti Patterns Arising from Social Inadequacy

The book Roundtable on Technical Leadership (SHAPE Forum Dialogues) by Jerry Weinberg is a treasure trove of interesting things that give words to feelings I've had during my work as a team leader and with other team leaders (and as a team member..).

The book appeals most to developers *not* acting as team leaders (how to influence without influence, in a way).

To whet your appetite, here's just a simpe list detailing the subjects covered in chapter five (Tricks arising from social inadequacy):

  • Career Development Through Co-Dependency
  • Using Technical Tricks to Avoid Social Situations
  • Not Documenting Your Assumptions
  • Not Asking for Help
  • Preventing Others from Learning, by Being Impatient
  • Failing to Notice Your Fault Feedback Ratio and to Do Something About It
  • Not Documenting Why Choices Were Made
  • Lack of Feedback Doesn't Necessarily Mean the Code Was Good
  • Let Your Tools Do Their Work
  • Keeping in the Stuff That's Corrected by Other Stuff
  • Replacing One Big Mess with an Unending Series of Small Messes
  • Give a Fresh Start When Needed
  • Failing to Use Your Own Product

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