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Five Questions to ask yourself when getting advice about team leadership

Go through each guest post in in this blog, and ask yourself the following questions about it:

  • In what maturity stage does this suggestion make sense?
  • What would happen if I exercise this suggestion during each of the other team maturity stages that don't seem to fit?
  • Can you think of a time when you tried or seen someone else try such a behavior during the wrong team maturity stage?
  • Some posts suggest ideas that may make sense in more than a single maturity stage. What do you think makes them different than other posts? What makes a team leader's behavior apply to more than a single team stage? what makes a team leader behavior apply only to a single stage?
  • Can you think of team leader behaviors that make sense in *all* three stages?

Bonus Questions:

  • What hidden assumptions about you and your team did the author make when suggesting this? Why would they make those assumptions?
  • How can you avoid the wrong assumptions when deciding on a course of action?



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