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Stoos Gathering - Initial Thoughts

This past weekend I was honored to be part of what I hope will be the beginning of a transformation in management culture. The start of a tipping point. It was the Stoos Gathering. that site contains a statement that represents one of the things we all agreed on. and that was pretty difficult. 

We were twenty one very different individuals, form four continents, many different countries, and sometimes very different cultures of communication and leadership.

In that single room, I believe we had no less than 15 different "ways" of doing things. The most powerful realization was that mostly people were not aware of each other's work. From Radical Management, Spiral Dynamics, Elastic Leadership, Beyond Budgeting, Management 3.0, Scrum, XP, And many other ways of work - we had to find a common ground. 

We had to find something that we can all agree on. and stoos wa the first step to doing that. I think that's way there was so little that we can call "conclusions" as a result - we had discovered how big the problem really is.  

To begin to change management culture (which has remained the same for decades) we need to find common ground, and the stoos network was a good start.

We also agreed to meet again , and to take other actions that will be detailed by others who documented them. But mostly it is about affecting the tipping point - of how to get the people on top, the people on the bottom and those in the middle - to change how they do things.

From CEOs to knowledge workers. 

That is a big task, and it's supposed to be scary. 

Until we get more material out there, you might want to register to the linkedin group here to get more news.

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