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Software Team Leader Manifesto - Take #2

after the first one, here's what I have so far. Your comments are appreciated.

We believe the role of a team leader is to also grow the people in their team, and themselves, and that this will create the most value for everyone involved.

To that end:

  • We believe in adjusting the leadership style to the current needs of the team, over a single style of leadership
  • We believe in challenging ourselves and our teams to always get better, so:
    • We embrace taking risks for our team over staying safe
    • We embrace fear and discomfort as learning new skills
    • We embrace experimentation as a daily practice
      • With people
      • With tools
      • With processes
      • With the environment
  • We believe team leaders lead people, not machines, so:
    • We embrace spending more time with our team than in meetings
    • We embrace learning people skills and techniques

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