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Interview: James Bach – The role of the tester

During the ACCU conference in London (at which I am still stuck due to the ash cloud while writing this), I got to speak with many interesting people, and even recorded some of those conversations.

One of the talks I enjoyed the most was with Tester James Bach, who gave a thrilling keynote about the role of the tester in the organization, and the idea of exploratory testing.

In this recording I talk to James about what real testers need to be, how to interview a tester for a job, the idea of exploratory testing, automated checks vs. manual, sapient  tests and many other things.

James has taken a clear leadership role in changing the perceptions many of us have about what testers are and should be, and what testing should be like.

Download mp3 - full time is 75 minutes.


image: QAInsight.net

James really made me change some of my points of view about what and where we might need testers, and how unit testing and “sapient" testing” go together, and don’t cancel each other out.

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