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Video: Ten Mistakes Software Team Leaders Make

I've just finished a two day Elastic Leadership course - Essential Skills for software team leaders, in London. I'll be doing another one in November.

During that time, I've also spoken at an "in the brain" session at SkillsMatter,

and you can find the video here.

The talk is about ten common mistakes team leaders make, and it also includes 45 minutes of Q & A.

Here are the slides:



Those mistakes are:


  1. Do not recognize team maturity
  2. Fear of delegation
  3. Fear of engagement
  4. Placating
  5. Being Irrelevant
  6. Being super-reasonable
  7. Blaming
  8. Ignoring 6 forces that influence behavior
  9. Fear of assertiveness
  10. Help spread non-commitment (by not using language of commitment)


Oslo Lead Better Workshop - August 8-9 2011

Video: Team Leadership in the Age of Agile