5 Whys is a blog about technical leadership in the software world.

The first five Whys

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1) Why create this blog in the first place?

Because I wanted new team leads and want-to-be team leads (as well as existing want-to-learn team leads) to have a good blog to go to and find out some great techniques for managing and driving software people.

2) Why?

Because 99% of team leads I’ve seen in the wild seem to have no idea what it is that drives people, or how to drive the things that they believe in inside the company.

3) Why?

Because lots of people seem to give no importance to the human-to-human techniques it takes to lead a great team, not just technical practices.

4) Why?

Because no one has ever put a great deal of emphasis on this in the software industry. What they did do is put emphasis on the technical emphasis of software leadership.

5) Why?

Because software is a pretty new profession, and we are all learning as we go. We tried to learn from other industries and only in the past few years are the successful practices from manufacturing and production starting to cross over into the software business. And those practices (the successful ones, at least) give high value to coaching and driving people, as opposed to “resources”.

What to do now:

Step #2 – Use a big visible board with post it notes

Step #1 – Claim Your Territory, Own your team