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The Core Protocols Introduction

Roy has asked me if I wanted to write a few guest posts on the 5 Why’s about The Core Protocols.
I will start by explaining where these rules came from.

This story starts in 1995. Jim McCarthy wrote Dynamics of Software Development. After this book was very well received in the software community,  (I see it as one of the predecessors of agile) Jim and his wife, Michele, decided to leave Microsoft to hold workshops about building teams.
They designed these workshops to be experimental. The course was not presented like a usual class: It was a simulated one week project.
Part of the assignment of the project was for the students to come up with their own team rules.  After a year or so, Jim and Michele realized that some team patterns kept getting great results. So they decided to write these rules down and give them to the students attending the next workshop.
They have done that for the last 13 years.  These patterns are now called The Core Protocols.

This series of guest posts will be about these protocols.

Some…heck, most of these rules feel strange at first.  You might think, “This will never work.”

-          In my company
-          In my country
-          With my wife
-          With my kids
-          In my team

I’m asking you to suspend your disbelief, and instead, try a few of these out in a safe environment.
You don’t have to believe in the sea to get wet. You only have to get in.

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