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Contribute a note to my upcoming book - Notes to a software team leader

Yesterday I published the first two chapters of my incrementally publishing book "Notes to a software team leader".

You can be part of it. I want you to.

The first part of the book will contain concepts from this blog such as elastic leadership, people skills and more. It will be rather short.

The second half is the most important one:

The second half will be dedicated to various notes and advice you have a for a new software team leader - things they just have to know, that they would have to learn the hard way unless you tell them.

If you're a :

  • Team member who's had a terrible or wonderful leader
  • Consultant who's seen team leaders work great, or make terrible mistakes
  • Team Leader yourself, who has made mistakes or succeeded
  • Project manager who deals with team leaders
  • A CEO who deals with team leaders
  • a QA person who deals with team leaders
  • any other stake hold who deals with software team leaders direction

Your note matters.

Write a few paragraphs or more about things that you would expect from your team leader, or write the things you hate the most when team leaders do. Write something that you wish your current team leaders would know or future ones.

Team leaders need this advice. Please go and submit one.

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