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Consulting and Leadership Courses in Scandinavia

My move to Norway is now almost complete (should be getting my id number mid September.)

Bærum Kummune, I am in you.

Yeah. And I have the Norwegian keyboard to prøve it.

Now that I’m here I plan to do a lot more in Scandinavia. Here’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

I’m now fully available to do consulting and training in Norway, through Bouvet. If you want me to come teach something about unit testing or team leadership, or do test reviews, or help you automate everything, or just coach your development team or team leader or architect on better ways to accomplish things, feel free to just email the person who helped make it all happen for me - Simen. He’s also working with me at Bouvet and is in charge of making sure my time is well spent. Make him work. Hard.

BTW - if you’re in DENMARK and want to help me arrange more courses there about various topics, please ping me. I need to do more of these!

Out of Norway training or Coaching?

if you want me to come and teach or consult out of Norway, just contact me directly (that is not through Bouvet)

Denmark :










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