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A simple way to know you're missing some leadership skills

how often does this happen to you as a team lead:

You believe in some great practices that the team needs to follow, but you can't convince or get the team to follow them - even the simplest ones.

If that happens to you - it's time to visit the idea that you may be lacking some core people skills, and leadership skills.

It's not your fault - we've all be taught as technical people that the only thing that matters is technical knowledge. not people knowledge. technical knowledge drives you to the top - and will also bring you down.

but if you can't translate that knowledge into meaningful actions by your team - it is as worthless as that 14 inch monitor you have lying around in your garage.

Leadership in software means helping the team achieve goals you believe in, even if they may not be convinced about them when you start out your quest. it's about making the team drive to that vision, at some point, without needing your help to do it.

but that takes, time, and patience, and sometimes - it takes a strong ego to not break during this long path.

I hope we all find that missing link soon.

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