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InfoQ Book Q&A on Elastic Leadership

I had the privilege of being interview by Ben Linders over at InfoQ regarding my book on Elastic Leadership.

You can read the article over here.

Some of the main takeaways from it:

  • A team can be either in survival mode, learning mode, or self-organizing mode.  

  • Each mode calls for a different style of leadership.

  • The ultimate goal of an agile leader is to make themselves unneeded (self-organizing teams).

  • Survival mode might leave us feeling helpless, but it’s very easy to stay in our comfort zones and stay in it. There are ways out of it.

  • Getting out of the comfort zone is a key technique for learning new skills. Discomfort comes with the territory. Be happy when you find it uncomfortable, and actively seek it!

Thanks Ben, it was a pleasure.

The Elastic Leadership Model in a picture

The Elastic Leadership Model in a picture